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New Paradigm Wealth Management Forum
New Paradigm Wealth Management Forum

New Paradigm Wealth Management Forum is a meeting point for frank exchange of views and ¨boots on the ground¨ market insights and analysis between selected independent wealth management professionals throughout Europe. 

This information is distributed via the original content creation of the CB Group, as well as quarterly Forum conferences held in various European investment centers and ¨bestpoke¨ qualified introductions among our members and participantes of the Forum. 

A central focus of the Forum is the empirically demonstrable fact that investment in lending secured by real estate, rather than than corporate balances, provides attractive, consistent, non-correlated returns superior to any other ¨fixed income¨ alternative. 

The Forum provides ¨primary source" intelligence and analysis that enables the CB Group to effectively navigate the European real estate secured lending ecosystem (including specialized funds, real estate lending platforms, loan originators and investors) to the benefit of our members and their wealth management clients. A select group of leading independent wealth managers throughout Europe are invited to become members of the Forum each year.

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Charles Berthillon
CB Group & Business Partners
Latest teaser from James on Linkedin :)
Charles Berthillon
CB Group & Business Partners

Undiscovered Alpha: Achieving Attractive, Consistent, Uncorrelated Returns through Real Estate Bridge Lending

Conference date: 

  • 28/09/2021
  • from 11:00 CEST to 12:15 CEST

Event’s address: 

  • Ginkgo Center “The City”
  • 14-16, Avenue Pasteur L-2310 Luxembourg

Event streamed by COHERRA: 

List of speakers in order of intervention

  1. Elena García Jover (welcome intro) 
  2. Dr. Gabriella Kindert (BIO).
  3. Charles Berthillon (BIO)
  4. James Levy-Newman (BIO)
  5. Xavier Deu (BIO)


Conference title: Undiscovered Alpha: Achieving Attractive, Consistent, Uncorrelated Returns through Real Estate Bridge Lending

In recent years, European real estate bridge lending has built an impressive track record. It is now possible to empirically demonstrate that this largely undiscovered niche area within the alternative investment universe provides attractive, equity-like returns (typically between 8% and 12% p.a.) uncorrelated with the fixed income or equity markets, along with extremely low levels of volatility. The thesis of the CB Group is that real estate bridge lending investing obtains higher risk adjusted returns than any other area within the alternative lending universe accessible to wealth managers today.

This conference features presentations by two key players within the European bridge lending ecosystem, as well as market intelligence, actionable ideas and practical guidance from CB Group´s own experts to equip wealth managers to capture this undiscovered alpha for their clients.


Keynote Presentation by Dr. Gabriella Kindert

The changing landscape in Alternative Fixed Income opportunities

How disintermediation in financial services creates new opportunities for investors

Dr. Kindert will explain the latest disintermediation trends in the financial services and show how alternative lending platforms are becoming a more mature, accepted asset class for investors. She will also explain the relative value proposition between the different platforms and provide a summary on how to approach your investment analysis.


Presentation by Charles Berthillon

Uncorrelated returns: How and Why

What we have learned since 2016

Charles Berthillon is Founder and Managing Partner of CB Group. From his perspective as an expert in capital markets, Charles will review the attractiveness of bridge loan opportunities over the last several years and explore the strengths and vulnerabilities of their investment profile for institutional investors in the face of ever-changing market conditions.


Presentation by James Levy-Newman

Real Estate Bridge Lending: The Best Risk-Reward Relationship of Any Fixed Income Asset Class

James Levy-Newman has been for many years a vocal advocate of investment in real estate bridge lending as source of attractive, consistent, uncorrelated, self-liquidating returns for wealth management clients. In this overview, James will review the historical performance of the asset class, as well as enabling the audience to benefit from his experience as he offers “actionable market intelligence” to provide wealth managers with the tools to evaluate the suitability of this asset class for their own clients.


Presentation by Xavier Deu

Capturing More of the Value Chain: Moving Beyond “Standard” Bridge Lending to Open New Opportunities for Investors and Real Estate Developers

Xavier Deu will provide an overview of the conception, development, and management of the Marshall Bridge Fund, with particular emphasis on risk control and his core principle of perfect alignment of interests between all stakeholders in the fund over the long term. Additionally, in so far as possible given regulatory restrictions, Xavier will provide a “sneak preview” of the upcoming follow-up fund to Marshall Bridge that will seek to provide investors with higher returns in exchange for assuming a higher level of risk than traditional bridge lending.



Charles Berthillon
CB Group & Business Partners

BIO: Charles Berthillon

Charles has over 18 years of experience in the private banking industry. His various responsibilities enabled him to develop a profound understanding of finance and operations engineering. 

After a first career leading up to Dexia CEO Office, following a second one in Management Consulting, Charles founded CB Group in 2016.

CB Group’ s ambition is to extend conventional wealth management services to match clients’ new expectations on the industry. 

Charles Berthillon
CB Group & Business Partners

BIO: James Levy-Newman

James Levy is an international investment advisor, business development consultant and a financial services entrepreneur with over thirty years of experience in the intersection of international wealth management and the real estate markets.

Authority on wealth creation and preservation through acquisition, refurbishment and operation of Senior Care Residential properties in Spain and Portugal (Clearwater Private Investment) and the application real estate backed bridge loans to achieve attractive, consistent, non-correlated returns for wealth management in the wider European ecosystem (CB Group)

James began his career in 1991 at Merrill Lynch International Private Bank in Madrid, Spain as a Financial Consultant, and left Merrill Lynch in 2003 as a Senior Vice President to co-found Private Wealth Advisors, a boutique investment advisory firm acquired by Banco Inversis in 2009.

James is a speaker, writer and champion of the senior care real estate sector and real estate backed bridge loans as a source of consistent and attractive returns as a substitute for traditional fixed income within wealth management.