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Payment Factory
Payment Factory

Payment Factory by CB Group

Optimal decision-making process

Reduced risks of late payments

Reduced risks of duplicate payments

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Charles Berthillon
CB Group & Business Partners

Charles "a treasury management software based on client experience"

It becomes a serious issue when organisations are forced to chase payments, review invoices, organise payment terms, and follow up with individual invoices. 

What they wants is to work smarter and have a complete overview of all the invoices and payments sent. 

I know what people's quest is because I experience it. This is what led me to create the Payment Factory. 

The Payment Factory affects productivity, revenues, company efficiency, and finances in many ways.Every day companies need to check, select and pay their invoices


Charles Berthillon
CB Group & Business Partners

Our Payment Factory in a Nutshell

The Payment Factory is made for governance with the following characteristics

  1. Asynchronous Validation Process
  2. Stakeholders located into Multi-Organization; Multi-Geographies
  3. Decision Makers with nomad work approach

Clear and transparent processes

The design of the Payment Factory allows back office to manage everything from within the app. The Back Office keep the full audit and control over the actions.

"A digital solution that fits a smartphone screen"

Users can decide the granularity of the information they need to decide from their phone.